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Lrouge (PROPA CONSUMER PRODUCTS SUN. tic. ltd. Şti.) in the journey it has taken with product production, today it is now the marketing channel of PH PHARMA, the manufacturer of more than 1200 products.

founded in 1993 in Istanbul, PH PHARMA Pharmaceuticals And Cosmetics Industry is a manufacturer of 1200 kinds of products today. Our success in our human-owned and human-oriented business depends on the research and development activities carried out together with the knowledge we have gained since 1993..

As a production team, we are working on products that will make people's lives easier every day and create added value in their lives, while we all believe that the world can be changed by contributing to people's success and therefore happiness.

Lrouge, on the other hand, is our marketing channel that we have established to bring these values to more people.

Bu sitede, kullanıcı deneyimini geliştirmek ve internet sitesinin verimli çalışmasını sağlamak amacıyla çerezler kullanılmaktadır. KABUL EDİYORUM